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A bit of a challenge!

A couple of years ago, the "Punch & Judy" pub, in Bolton st. burnt down, and I'm (almost) sure, that I posted the pic's I  took,on here!?
                                                                                          I've looked, under the pub's thread,but can't see them, and I've no idea what the post title might have been! I haven't got the originals, as they were "stolen" by a virus my P/C contracted, and though they're not vital, in any sense, it's just niggling that I can't find them!  Sad  So, if anyone comes across them, give us a shout, please!

Were they photos of the pub before or after it burned? I know that sounds crass but I'm sure you know I mean, did you take photos of the remains of it after the fire....

Yeh, Barbie, after the fire, but I can't remember what heading I put them under?? Like I said, it's not vital, but just annoying, as I keep discovering more pic's that I lost, and hope that sometimes, I can get the posted one's back!?

Long winded way to do it but maybe go to your profile and click on 'find all posts' may find it that way.....Good luck Cool

The reason I asked that was because I do remember some photos you posted, I can see the remains of a pub in my minds eye so I would say you did post them on here and plus, (so I know what I am looking for)
Lizzie's idea seems to be a good one.  q50

I just went t find all posts by is how many there....Search found 4754 matches

Jeez.... Shocked

Exactly! Oh well, it'll give me something to do in the winter! Smile Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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