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A shoot out in Great George Square.

A desperate skirmish came close to deadly tragedy back in December 1915 when a tense stand-off arose in a busy city street. That winter Henry Wilson, a native of the Caribbean island of Barbados was staying at a lodging house in Great George Square. Police had been called to the property to investigate an allegation of larceny and an officer was directed to the suspect’s bedroom. On entering Detective Howard witnessed Wilson in the act of tying his boots and demanded the man show him his registration papers, as required by law. With his boots laced tight Wilson replied “I will get them for you” but no sooner had the sentence been uttered that Wilson was out the door taking the staircase at four steps a time. Detective Howard raced after him and both men were seen running down the street one in hot pursuit of the other, but unaware of the danger that lay in wait. The young Barbadian could see no way out and from his pocket he pulled out a revolved, fully loaded, and pointed it straight at the policeman’s head. The anxious scene attracted the attention of many traumatised onlookers who heard Wilson threaten the officer, screaming that if he came any closer he would shoot. Liverpool came close to losing another of its brave law enforcers that afternoon but with the assistance of boarding house owner Gustav Homburg and a valiant member of the public, the situation was brought to a peaceful end. Wilson was tackled to the ground and the weapon successfully removed from his grasp without injury. He was later brought before the city stipendiary and was sentenced to 2 months imprisonment for assault and another month for having contravened the Defence of the Realm Act by bringing a revolver and cartridges into the UK without permission......
Credited to Daniel K. Longman, Liverpool historian, also for the photograph of the area concerned of which I've added an older shot of the same view.


Interesting story Barbie and great pics.........

Thanks Lizzie....

Here is another one I just got given....

This street had a change of name after it's murder.....

A very gruesome story Barbie!

Great Thread Barbie, really interesting read.
In the first story the fella recieved one month sentance for bringing into the country a Revolver and ammunition... I reckon nowadays that would merit about 10 years.

They are gruesome Alice. Just shows that crimes like these are not a modern day  thing as some people think they are.

If anybody has any more stories like these I'd love to read them.

It was quite a lenient sentence wasn't it Beeb?  Very Happy Forum Index -> Liverpool and Merseyside History & Nostalgia
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