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A Tale of a Scouse Celebrity

Someone on Facebook has just posted a link about a famous scouser, not that you would have have guessed he was a  born scouser by his voice.

Anyway, my tale is from my mum.

One day, she was in Sefton Park with two of my older siblings. It was sometime before I made my appearance into the world. I have to guess that it was probably late 50s. She was walking along with them and she heard someone rustling about in the bushes. She could just about make out two figures. She thought to herself, B'stards are robbing the duck eggs, or even killing young ones. So , mum being mum, waded in there and gave the people a rollocking. She wasn't one to mince her words and I'm guessing she gave it with both barrels.
Out of the bushes came a tall guy with a small lad. He said to her, in his posh, quietly spoken voice, (something like)  "Madam, I can assure you that I nor my son was after the eggs. We were searching for, and have found, his ball!" He turned on his heel and walked away.
Mum said she was speechless. She said it was Rex Harrison.

Now, I would love to know if it was, or a look a like. I mean, after moving to Hollywood, did he return to visit family?

Every time the guy came on t.v. mum cringed!

Remember folks... W.A.S.P.

Wait. analyse. Suss. Proceed.


Just shows, money and/or good breeding doesn't make you a gentleman. philanderer!!

Great story about your mum giving him what for in Seffy Park   Laughing

..and Wow ! on that run down of his love life.....My ,oh My !  was he a very busy man  Shocked

remember the tale of me shouting at the neighbours for throwing bread crusts and pie crusts etc into my back....only to find it wasnt them, it was the magpies.....ummmm....traits of your genes eh?
One really should learn to keep one's gob shut until you know the big picture..... Laughing Forum Index -> Liverpool and Merseyside History & Nostalgia
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