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Forty years have gone by. Hard to believe it. Seems like only yesterday me and my mates were dancing around our handbags to their tracks. We were only 14 and 15 in the Grafton  Embarassed We didn't do any harm, we just wanted to dance.  Cool

Ha, ha! Well that explains the clothes, but what about the rest?? Seriously though, a great band, who've stood the test of time, and even though not my particular "cup of tea" have often hummed along with one of their songs!  Embarassed

I watched them win that night with Waterloo, it just seems mad that it was all that time ago.
Life is so short.....

That blue satin suit the blonde wore with the sparkly bobble hat always goes down well at fancy dress parties ...Have even donned one myself...... Embarassed  Embarassed

Fun outfits  Lizzie Very Happy

I love Abba and like most of their songs and yes I remember the night they won with Waterloo.  I also liked the movie.

And this is my favourite song!

As a rock chick once was, it is amazing that I can say I enjoyed this group. Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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