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Any one know what this is....

we took it from Crosby beach on Boxing day ..we thought it looked like an oil rig platform.... Question

It was sailing from Waterloo that possible


Hmm OK so you have to view it while lying on your side..... Rolling Eyes

' Saved to 'Paint' in Computer, spun it round and re-posted'

..Not now  ya dont Lizzie  Smile

Yes,that's true Liz! Much of the work at Lairds is rig,or wind turbine related,as well as ship repair/refit! If you could have looked further up the river,you would have seen the numerous,yellow,stanchions,in the yard!(I think Barbie may have taken some closer pic's of this,or something similar,last year?)

BB thanks for spinning me round..... Laughing

And MOJO thanks for the info..... Forum Index -> Photographs
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