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Anybody noticed...

...has anybody noticed that when buying milk in the Supermarket, if you get the next size up from small, then you get 2 pints.or in new money 1.136 Litres If you buy what you may think is the same size bottle in smaller Corner shop outlets then you get a 1 Litre  bottle.. a lot less than the Supermarket bottle..Someone is trying to kid us here Meethinks

I get 4 pints for 1 in Asda....3 pints for 1.10 in local shop. Tis why the local shops died out innit? Not to mention the demise of the milkman delivering to your door. But the customer is going to go where it is cheaper....innit?

Never noticed but I will exam my milk when the Tesco man delivers it later

I used to try and support the local milkman but then for some reason he stopped doing early deliveries and  some days did not come til 10 am..OK if I was in but if I was at work then the milk would sit on the door step all day Confused

That's the other reason I stopped my milkman Lizzie, he decided that 10 a.m. was a good time to deliver. Doh.... Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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