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Anyone Out There,Fancy Posting?

Come on you lot, you must have something to post!?  Laughing

Re: Anyone Out There,Fancy Posting?

MOJO wrote:
Come on you lot, you must have something to post!? †Laughing

I reiterate! Rolling Eyes

Laughing I will

just had one of those woofles injured her foot so we have been back and forwards to the vets...

She is sporting a very fetching bandage with blue paws on it and she has  a boot that looks like a horses hoof for when she goes out for a walk..looks so cute....

Hopefully last vet visit to morrow

Lizzie, hope the doggie is ok hon.

Thanks Barbie..yes all is well and last vets visit all done......she tripped hurtling up the stairs would you believe but slid backwards and caught a claw in the carpet this of course caused it to completely twist the wrong way round....never seen so much blood from such a little foot... Laughing

Any ways off to the vet who pulled the claw out as it was only hanging on by a thread..sadly though when we took her back four days later the 'quick' which was supposed to have dried out and fallen off hadnít.and a bit of claw was left...could not leave it as it would have kept catching and get very sore so she had a little op to neaten it all out.....

Now she is back to her sock stealing self........ Laughing must have been so sore you know what its like if you catch your own nails

Hope Woofles is back to normal soon! Smile

Thanks MOJO yes I can definitely say she is back to normal......full of mischief once again and I would not have it any other way......pets make you so sad when they are ill as you cannot tell them what is wrong and they cannot tell you what babies really Rolling Eyes

I'm glad all is ok.  Very Happy Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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