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Ascot club 60s 70s

Does anyone  remember the Ascot club ? or have any photos ?

Well, this was posted October 2014 and I have only just seen it. No wonder this person never posted again as nobody answered. Confused

Ok, where was the Ascot club anyone?

Never heard of that club I'm afraid, although would be interested also to know the answer.


I have not heard of it either and am now intrigued by it.....

I tried to google it but all  that comes up is Ascot racing........

Sooooo our mission now if we choose to accept it is to find out what and where  it was..... Laughing

Nothing Fantastic, but I have Found a quick shot of the outside of it during the 1960s here  >

Take a look about 1 minute 40 seconds in.  Smile


Thanks for the link that was a good find.......saw the Ascot  sign but still have no idea where it was....... Rolling Eyes

Funny that nothing comes up on Goggle....will have to ask my big sis.....she used to go to the Cavern club so she may have heard of the Ascot.... Forum Index -> Photographs
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