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Be on the Tele!

I get emails from these people, I get offers of tickets for t.v. shows and sometimes offers to apply to go on shows. I've not taken them up on any as yet. I thought maybe some of you would like to appear on this show.........
Razz  Laughing  (I doubt it, it's Jeremy Kyle material innit?)

Hello there!

We thought that you might be interested to know that we are currently looking for people to become involved in a new show.

Are you a big personality? Are you the funniest person you know? Are you a character in your community?

We'd like to meet the people who live in and around LIVERPOOL, BIRMINGHAM and SOLIHULL who are proud of their local community and who have a story to tell. Everyday people with big personalities who are getting on with going to school/ college, growing up, leaving home, or raising kids, providing for their families, all with warmth and a sense of humour.

Maybe the families are celebrating a big event like a wedding, having a baby, going to college or university, or getting a promotion? Or perhaps they just want to get their voice heard? So, if you're from Liverpool, Birmingham or Solihull and would like to know more, get in touch! We'd particularly love to hear from you if you live in The Dingle/ Toxteth/ Bootle/ Walton in Liverpool or Chelmsley Wood/ Marston Green/ Castle Vale in Birmingham/ Solihull.

Dragonfly's programmes have a reputation for dealing with important and sometimes sensitive subject matters, with warmth, integrity and moments of humour. From giving birth in One Born Every Minute to crashing a plane in Plane Crash, we always tell stories in an honest and thought-provoking way.

If this sounds like you, then get in touch now via the listing on the "Current Shows' page on our website at


Go for know you want to ......... Wink  Laughing  Laughing

After you...... Very Happy Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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