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Beautiful South -New one

Not officially The Beautiful South but it is a new release from its former main vocalists Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott.
Its called D.I.Y.  really apt for the Summer months, I bet they play this to death in the B&Qs up and down the land  Razz
I love the song and its got a great Vid, Directed by, and featuring ,Johhny Vegas.

Go on give it a look , I bet Ya feet stat a  tappin '

Laughing funny! I bet I know which bits of that vid you liked best Beeb.... Razz

Yeah ,you're right Barbie, It was Wilko's shop, you know me so well..  Wink
ohhhhhhhhhhh You meant the ........................OMG ! ,Yes to them too  Laughing  Laughing Forum Index -> Music
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