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I do mean the band, not just the lead singer. I have loved this band since I first heard themn when I was 15. I'm 51 in a few weeks and I still love them. I do 'love' Debbie Harry and was sad to hear that at the grand old age of 68, she is going to be hanging up her microphone. (After one last world tour) I hope I am as energetic and vibrant as she when I am 68!

She still looks,and sounds good....and what a long lasting couple,her and Chris Stein,have turned out to be!

Yes, they've been together a very long time. She nursed him through some bad health long time ago and then they split for a while.
It's kind of an end of an era for me.....Good luck to them all.

My Heroine, still showing how it's done!  Cool

Saw a documentary about them a few weeks back..always loved that band.....however it was showing Stein with his wife and I guess when he and Debbie parted ways they stayed that way but they are still good friends......

Working and living with your partner all day every very often ends. Glad they are still mates. Forum Index -> Music
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