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Botanic Park

Botanic Park off Edge Lane once had a magnificent Botanical Greenhouse and an enclosed walled Garden. I think the greenhouse was Bombed in WW2 and the surviving plants transferred to Harthill. The walled Garden has sadly deteriorated in recent times and is a shadow of its former self.

Here are a few shots of it from today ,

The Remnants of what I think was part of The entrance steps from the  Great International  exhibition held here and  opened by Queen Victoria .

The completed ruined ornamental Fountain

look at the aquatic detailing.

..and the two feet , once obviously supporting a Bird ...maybe A Liver Bird ?

Top of the Fountain


Great thread Beeb cos I've never been around that park. Thanks for sharing.
Sad it's been left to deteriorate.

Was once Great Barbie, but not looked after now as much as other Parks....

this fella was looking to find his fortune..

The old wall of the walled Garden

The Curators Lodge fronting  Edge Lane

..and the even more dilapidated rear view.


Surprising what those people come across at times with the metal detectors.  Cool

nearby ..The Art Deco  Littlewoods Building..empty and under threat of demolition


Good pic's B.B.! Though I've passed it many times,I don't think I've ever been in the park before! It's sad to see it's not been cared for very well,but as with some of the other parks,which were in a similar state,but have now been upgraded,possibly, the botanic gardens turn is due?

Such a sad sight there Beeb of all the surrounding area but now as the housinghas been more or less sorted maybe the parks turn is next as Mojo says. Shame about the pools building though. Sad

It looked nice on the internet when I looked!  Shocked

Fantastic photo's ,,, BB,,,, just great love them ,,,,jan x

I love the Littlewoods building ,,,, noooo you can't pull that down ,,, heck what are people thinking jeeeeeez  are you Listening COUNCIL

Got some pics somewhere ,, can't find at the moment ,,,,

What I've always noticed about liverpool parks,, they have the most fantastic trees ,,,,,anyone else noticed ,,, and they are never damaged,,,,

Jan xx Very Happy

I love the trees too Jan, spesh this time of year when they are all changing colours. Reds, oranges and browns. Lovely!

Liverpool,apparently, has a good reputation for tree planting,etc,over the years! Several years ago,they were awarded some sort of award(possibly a golden apple?) in recognition of this,but there was little publicity of the fact!

Core !  really MOJO...  Razz

Joking apart, I know Sefton Park suffered badly from Dutch Elm Disease and lost a great deal of its trees but I think replanting has gone on there in recent years, and The new Edge Lane project has had trees planted along its entire length  from the Rocket at Queens drive right down to Hall lane.

Tee hee! Smile I remember coming back to Liverpool,I think in the early 80's,to see the  decimation of the Elm tree's along Queens drive! Sad And talking of tree's,I also remember Speke being pretty much a desert,till the "Plant a Tree in '73" scheme,and now I hardly recognise the place! Shocked Forum Index -> Photographs
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