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Yes, that one!!!
What an unbelievable piece of sh.... Evil or Very Mad  Evil or Very Mad
Playing games right up to the end and beyond.
How horrible Makin said today that he isn't happy with the coroner's decision to ban the ashes of that sicko from the moors. If Makin had his way he would be there on the moors with those ashes spreading them the minute he got them.
I wouldnt ask Makin for his help if he was giving it away for free! Brady had a right to legal help granted but to think about wanting to spread his ashes where Brady and Hindley buried their victims and danced on their graves,  is beyond comprehension. Makin, you suck!!!! Evil or Very Mad

I personally cannot and will not think of forgiveness for that man (I use the word loosely) , I hope he rots in hell with Hindley. Psychos!!! Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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