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Bulky Bob.

Anyone use this service, Liverpool only though.

I often wonder why so many people in my area, (as well as others) through so much household items into alleyways and side roads, not to mention grass verges. It wholly annoys me, why throw crap around and make the environment a filthy mess?  Evil or Very Mad

However, after a 3 week wait, Bulky bob is due here  at my home. Maybe I shouldn't mon what with it being a free service, no wait, maybe I pay for it via my council tax...anyway, the collection is anytime between 7:00 a.m. and 14:00. I've been sat her since I got up at 6:30. It's now 11.30. I cannot go the shops, put my t.v. on because i might not hear them knock, i can't go outside into the s*n of which we get very little, I also cannot go tthe flipping loo!!!!!!!!!  Crying or Very sad

Now, maybe I understand why people dump......

12:30 and I'm still waiting....this is pathetic! There should be a time slot of 2-3 hours so you can at least go the loo!!!!!!!
Crying or Very sad

It's now 15:15 and only just knocked. I've sat here all day wasting my time off work. I know it's a 'free' service but surely they could come up with a time slot of say 2 or 3 hours, like Tesco does with it's home delivery.

I've Been so angry and frustrated....  Rolling Eyes

How awful and it was such a lovely day, you must have the patience of a saint Barbie!

.....and least now, you can have a dump! Laughing

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