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Can you find 35 Liverpool Bands... this picture?

I've got the answers here but before I looked I did get a few.

Ain't got time now, but I'll have a go tomorrow!

I will have a go at The Boo Radleys..........the cat and the  radley bowl....where they from Liverpool

The Elvis pic for Elvis Costello and the attractions.......I know he was from the pool

The lightning seeds

Gosh this is a real test of knowledge
Very Happy

A flock of seagulls

Frankie goes to Hollywood

Also thinking of Echo and the bunny men cos of the rabbit but not sure

Sooo did I   get any no one else will play..... Laughing

Well, I can't play along because I've got all the answers here.... Laughing  Laughing

I can tell you though that yes indeedy you are correct in those.
Loads more though and some of the picture clues refer to more than one band/artist.  Very Happy

As soon as you want the answers, I'll post them.  Smile

Barbie this is a good idea!

Mersey Travel
The Beatles
Liverpool FC
Liverpool One
Seaforth Container Terminal
Mersey Tunnels
Port of Liverpool
Spirit of Liverpool
Reeds Rains
Cains Brewery
Princes Group
John West
Stanley Bet International
Liverpool Cathedral
Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King
Everton FC
National Museums Liverpool
Grand National

OK  so now

China crisis

Our kid because of that crying baby and they did that awful song about crying or something. ...I swear I found that Googling LIver pool bands

LIver birds

Beatles I guess

Other than that I am at  a loss

Starting with..............Wah, the La's, Half man, Half Biscuit, the Beatles, a Flock of Seagulls, The Hoovers, F.G.T.H. the Boo Radley's, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Stairs, the Lightning Seeds, the Farm, the Wild Swans, Elvis Costello, Atomic Kitten, the Christians, the Crying Shames, the Teardrop Explodes, Our Kid, the Lotus Eaters, that's 20.........pathetic, though I think some of these are pretty obscure bands!? Smile

Some of the clues are as obscure as some of the bands....but t'was just for fun.
Anyway, I think you all did boss.

Here are the answers now....


Oh bummmer.....the answer picture is rather small on here as the forum only allows smaller piccies and re-sizes. ....

Laughing  yes struggling to see that...I might see if I can get a better pic on my tablet thingy as I can enlarge stuff on that...intrigued to know all the bands now.....

Ha ha I thought it read 35 Brands, hence my answers!

Alice wrote:
Ha ha I thought it read 35 Brands, hence my answers!
Laughing  Laughing  I did wonder.... Razz Forum Index -> Fun & Games
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