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Cat-astrophe as feral feline army kills 275million small

As many as 275 million wild animals a year are already being killed by the nation’s felines.

Now the economic crisis means that many pets are being dumped and left to fend for themselves, with fears of more cats turning feral.

The problem and possible solutions will feature on tonight’s ­edition of BBC1’s Countryfile.

There are calls for owners to impose “cat curfews” at dusk and dawn when birds, mice, voles and amphibians are most active.

Jeff Knott, of the RSPB, said: ­“Although the evidence suggests that in an average garden, cat predation is not the major issue driving declines of any species, Britain’s pet cats do kill millions of birds and small mammals every year.

“There are simple steps, such as placing feeders away from cover. We also encourage responsible cat ownership, such as keeping cats in overnight when small mammals are most active and using a well fitted bell with a safety collar.”

I understand that cats like killing birds and small animals but maybe it would be a good idea for cats to have a curfew.  

What do you think?

Smear campaign against cats! Been going on for years by 'gardening enthusiasts.' They'd soon moan when they are over run in mice and rats! I'd say Magpies kill more animals and small birds than cats do. The maggies kill the squirrels where I work. I even saw one in Stanley Park Blackpool chasing a squirrel

Then again, I'm biased!
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