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Changed 'Nickers from George Osborne

In today's budget speech,Chancellor Osborne is to formally annouince the plan to introduce a 12 sided design for the Pound coin to be introduced by 2017,,its based on the old 'Thripenny bit design and aimed at cutting down on fraud...Amazingly there are apparently 2 million counterfeit 1 Pouind coins removed from circulation every year
We will have the opportunity to vote for the design to be placed on the reverse of Lizzies head.............My vote goes for Ken Dodd Razz

Not sure I want anything on the back of my head............Oh you mean Queen Lizzie...... Laughing Wink

I used to love the ' thripenny bit' ......have been looking at the new design..I quite like it.....

I think its quite nice too Lizzie, I looks like its going to be Gold and Silver coloured . I imagine the delay in introducing it for 3 years is so as the numerous Manufacturers of Machines that currently accept 1 pound coins for their products and services will have time to Uograde them all..I wonder if there will be Tax relief for all their customers who may be faced with increased Purchase or leasing costs from the Suppliers of the Machines.
Imagine how many Supermarket Trolleys will need new Coin assemblies fitted Shocked

I like the new design....would like it even better if they brought back the 1 note!

Yes, I do like the design and I think it would be fitting for it to have something to do with WW1. Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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