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Clocks Back

Anybody forget to do it ?  What a Malarkee it is, Twice yearly everybody is inconvenience and moans but unfortunately it is never done away with

I've put mine 1982........


I vaguely remember that they did change it,sometime in the late 60's,as an experiment,and it was dark when coming home from school! I can't remember why they changed it back,but maybe something to do with road accident rates?

Yes its about time we put a stop to it, just about had enough like everyone else!  And I don't care if the Scots don't like it!

I thought something was funny on here today, then it clicked, Ya have to manually put the Forum clock back to Standard time in your profile too dontcha  Embarassed
Barbie,please also book me a ticket on that 1982 Time machine, I've still got the clothes for it    Laughing  Laughing

Have the Scots moaned Alice?
Beeb.....hahahhaaa.....I have a lacey shirt that I've had since my son was born....1986.....did have older clothes but decided to eventually give them away.
I do have two bags full of baby clothes from both my kids. I'll never part with them. Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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