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This week is UK coffee week.  For full details and to hear the official coffee anthem, see

The Dutch drink more coffee than any other nation, an average of 2,414 cups each, every day.

Coffee is said to have been discovered by a ninth-century Ethiopian farmer, who realised his goats were going crazy over coffee beans.

Now, I would have thought the USA would be tops for drinking coffee.
I love a mug of coffee of a morning. I love cappuccino and Latte too. I drink more tea of a day than coffee though. And in the winter, I love it made with all milk.  Cool

2,414 cups a day????   Shocked

Laughing thought you were taking orders there Alice  was just going to bag a nice cappuccino

Laughing  Laughing

Expenditure on coffee in Britain first overtook the amount spent on tea in 1998

I have a mug of it here as I type.  Very Happy

In 2009, Gennaro Pelliccia, chief taster at Costa Coffee, had his tongue insured for 10 million! Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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