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Coronation Park.............



These pics bring back such happy memories of my old nan used to play bridge in the hut there

And the duck pond my big brother pushed me and pram into ....... Rolling EyesRolling Eyes

By accident I hasten least I think it was.....luckily the pond is not that
deep and the pram was one of the old type built like a ship.. so I didnít come to any harm

Every Easter people would come from all over to race remote controlled boats on it..frightened the ducks I can tell you..... Laughing

Always go for a visit when I come home.....

Re: Coronation Park.............

Lizzie wrote:

Very interesting Lizzie one of my pet subjects Geology

Thanks Lizzie, I found that very interesting, its amazing how scientists can date these things

A bit of bad news on it I'm afraid though, have a look here

and before it was moved..


Crying or Very sadCrying or Very sad Ba***ards...that has made me so sad.................

Thanks for the pic BB

Hopefully its not too badly damaged Lizzie..It looks like quite a tough old nut .its lasted all those thousands of years and I reckon the kids would have a bit of a job on their hands breaking any substantial amounts off it
The Calder Stones in Allerton were once on show like this but are now protected within one of the Green houses in Calderstones Park
Its a real shame when vandalism like this happens,, the kids obviously dont comprehend the importance and sentiment involved with it.

Mind you we used to climb onto it when we were  kids.....but all in fun we would never have done it any harm..... Forum Index -> Liverpool and Merseyside History & Nostalgia
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