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David Cameron on Liverpool

go kiss my chuddies!

Tarzan may be a Tory but he came here following the ' 81 Riots , when most other politicians and businessmen looked upon the people of this great city as nothing more than a bad smell. He genuinley cared and made a difference and he has kept on returning and supporting us ever since as today proves. Maggies plans on ' Managed Decline' were never his opinion of what should happen to us.
Cameron ,on the other hand , was only just growing out of short kecks when all that was happening and all he was doing up here today was hitching a free ride on the feel good factor trying to take some of the credit for how our City is progressing despite the severe cuts that he has imposed upon it.
The Knumbnuts ,if he thinks we are fooled. !

Tarzan was ok I guess.

Cameron....whatt rhymes with that......hmmmmmmm

Rhymes with That ?
well in his case that would be Tw *t

.. and the missing letter isnt an 'i'

I was thinking of Moron...Cameron/Moron....but i do like your style of thinking.... Laughing  Laughing Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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