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What is next? People's walking sticks? Wheelchairs? White sticks? I know, why not just exterminate anybody with a disability, the country could save millions and become a more perfect place.

Hitler would have been proud!

If only brains and hearts were available on the NHS, we could put one in every politician!

oh look, better still, deny (deserving) people any money at all and they get rid of themselves.

'NHS is only safe with us, declares Cameron in opening salvo of pre-election campaign '

yes that was the headlining promise of the 2010 campaign...Roll forward to 2014 and Taking away taxpayers rights to NHS treatment like this for what is in Government spending terms, a mere drop in the ocean , is just plain heartless

scroll down to the vid....
" The NHS is my No. 1 priority , we are going to cut the deficit but NOT cut the NHS  

here is the smiling faced promise...

What a discraceful way this girl has been treated , apparently to all the Agencies who's role it was , in law,to help and protect her she was only a number and not a human being.

If DLA is phased out then it should not be taken away from an existing claimant until the Benefits Agency have completed their processing of the applicant for the PIPs  scheme.

Tories!!! ***spit***

It is horrible being deaf. it is isolating, upsetting and frustrating. B'stards should try it for a day; stuff something in their ears and try to live life without their hearing! Mind you, they still wouldn't care would they?  q16

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