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Desert Island Disc(s)

Ok, so you are about to be deserted on an Island and can only take 5 LP's with you (yes, I'm still on LP's here)...which 5 would you take?

Here's mine...

Deep Purple  'Made In Japan'
Black Sabbath 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'
Bob Dylan 'Desire'
The Beatles 'White Album'
The Beatles 'Rubber Soul'

Lol,,, tough to decide  Very Happy

Diana Ross anthology

sgt pepper

Elvis Gold

Michael bubble


but then there's  cold play hmmmmmmm hahah

Its hard Jan isn't it...what to leave out...If you asked me next week I would probably change a

Michael Bubble.!! Shocked   (well, each to their own... Very Happy )

hahaha I know I even like George Formby hahahaha ,,,Jan x Laughing

......George Formby rocks!!!! Shocked  Seriously,the man is respected by many muso's!
                    As for my top five,I couldn't really choose,but Fleetwood Mac(original version) would be there,along with some Zeppelin,Stones,Beachboys,Hendrix,Neil Young,etc,etc!  Rolling Eyes

Great choices Mojo...quality man!

George Harrison was a great fan of George Formby Smile

jeeeeez i have so much taste and I never realised hahaha no comments please haha ,,,jan x Laughing  Laughing  Mojo that surprised me Beach boys ,,,,Jan x

Metal:         Iron Maiden
Alternative: The Birthday Massacre
Country:     Dave Edmund's 'Rockin'
1980's:       Blondie
Punk:         Sex Pistols

Of course, there are many, many's just my mood today, who knows tomorrow.....Rod Stewart? Bryan Adams? AC/DC?  Cool

Great stuff Barbie

Blondie 'Parallel Lines' ...classic
Iron Maiden, never my cup of tea man, but hey each to their own!

Rock n Roll ain't noise pollution

Rock on guys... Laughing

I love music from the 1950's, 60's 70's 80's some 90's and not much from the 2000's.
Metal/Rock has always been apart of my life, biker/rock chick in the 80's, it was my world. Then I had my kids and no way was I walking round looking like I did with a baby in a pram. I'd have scared the other mum's in the park!!! So, the outside of me changed somewhat, but inside I'm still the same.

I know what you mean. I'd still have my long hair now but alas...must conform.
Love all music but especially 1960's, 70's and 80's

Never was into LPs d.p. and I will have to have a think before I whittle down my fave singles to only 5,,,,,,,I will give my No 1, though right now cos  thats easy


That's a great one to start with of my fav's too

This would certainly be in my top ten, great to dance to!

Love Abba too, probably wouldn't make it into my top 10 but ya can't beat a bit of Abba Forum Index -> Music
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