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Divorce 1895 Style

. From The Liverpool Jouirnal.....

                             Landlady and Lodger

                             EVANS v EVANS and ATKINS

Petitioner was the husband and co-respondent was a lodger in Petitioners home.


Judge :       Mr Evans please Tell the Court how long Mr ATKINS has
                lived in your house since being suspected

Petitioner - “about 12 moths M'Lord”

Judge :       How was it you allowed it to go on so long ?

Petitioner - “I could not help it, I complained of 'em going about together
                but they just laughed at me and said they would do as they
Judge :       You were master in your own house.?

Petitioner -  “Yes, but he would not go.”[u]

Judge :       Divorce granted to the Petitioner


Marriage should be on a 12 month licience. Then if at the end of the 12 months you want out....easy peasy....!

Cynical? Yep, dead right I am!

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