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Just noticed this at the top of the forum when I went into messaes,  

Downtime at 7am GMT Monday

The forum will be off between 2-3 hours.

Click on the message and it says,

We are finally getting to the most difficult of our server moves, the "hotblack" server that runs the support forum and is the heaviest loaded server of them all, as well as it handling ancillary functions harking back to the day when we had three physical servers rather than over 150.

It's notable that in the last new server post I said another 50 servers were on order, actually it turns out that number is 68. At list price that is about   200,000GBP of servers that I had not been in the loop about, total order being of the order of a million GBP.

Thanks Alice, I didn't notice it.

As it has not happened yet may be should be 9am same ax last Thursday Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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