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John Burns

Everton Stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock

This is a stupid idea. Those docks are a World Heritage Site. Football has no history there. It will be difficult to build on the site with possible lengthy delays via appeals.

Land adjacent to Everton’s training ground, Finch Farm at Halewood is ideal. The adjacent site has two rail lines giving local, regional and long haul access, and a motorway around it. An airport is nearby. Big trunk roads are near which will access the city and the existing Runcorn bridge and the new Mersey Gateway bridge. It is a brilliant site for transport access from all over Merseyside and beyond. A large station right at the stadium. Ideal. There is no restriction on stadium size or space for expansion.

There is so much NOT going for Bramley Moore that I am surprised it got this far.

• A difficult restricted site.
• A single use site - football only.
• Many legal hurdles - UNESCO, English Heritage, etc.
• The club do not own the land having to lease.
• A 20 days a year used structure will stifle regeneration.

Many people who might be interested in buying flat in a docklands regeneration area will be less likely to, now they know there will be a large football crowd there every second week with the litter and the rest they bring. Middlesbrough and Sunderland were punting the same `regeneration` ploy 20 years ago and they have done no such thing. Football only stadia more often blight and hold back an area rather than drive it forward.

The World Heritage site should be build upon to the city's agreement with UNESCO. Otherwise Liverpool, which is on the UNESCO danger list, is in danger of having its World Heritage Status remove reducing the city to laughing stock. The soon to be elected metro-mayor of the Liverpool City Region should scupper the whole lot and encourage Finch Farm, which being in Halewood is within his remit.

No planning application has been submitted yet.


Have the council been lobbied with protests against the stadium?

Barbie wrote:

Have the council been lobbied with protests against the stadium?

Barbie I have read the council support the move.
John Burns

The plans are not drawn up yet and no planning permission has been applied for.  Hopefully the new metro-mayor may protect the World Heritage Sites and stop the lot. He has the power top do so.

I think we can manage pretty well, without anything U.N.E.S.C.O. want to call us!
           I don't agree with the proposed siting, or anything else of a similar nature, on this land, mainly because of some of the reasons you state, but it's a decision we, who live here, should make, and not some distant quango,or even English heritage, for that matter!

I very much hope Everton move to the docks, we need a larger stadium and it would be ideal.  I don't think Liverpool supporters like the idea though. Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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