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Falkner Street over 40 years

Falkner Street properties 1969

Falkner Street. Kitchen 1965

Falkner Street Bathroom 1969

Falkner Street Property 2013

Demonstation of how the area has been revitalised since the late 1960s

The property in the last pic is on the market now, for just short of Half a Million Pounds

It looks so fantastic now, is that in Toxteth?

The whole of the Falkner St Canning Street Area has seen massive investment and improvements since the 1990s Alice, Its now quite Des Res,and parts of it are used for Filming location shots doubling up as 19th Century London,
The Postcode is Liverpool 8 and often referred to as Toxteth , in fact you may even see Toxteth Signs on Lamposts etc but it has never been part of Toxteth District,although its not very far from it. Parliament Street and Upper Parliament Street running up from Wapping at the River frontage was the ancient boundaryline between the townships of Toxteth and Liverpool and remained so from the time of King John until Victorian times when the Sprawling Town and City of Liverpool brought under its Municipal control the likes of Toxteth , Garston. Wavertree, Woolton West Derby etc.
Falkner Street itself runs from the site of the original 1840s Edge Hill Railway Depot at Crown Street all the way down to Hope Street close by to Paul McCartneys LIPA and The Philharmonic Hall etc

-Falkner Street at Hope Street is shown at the right of this Map at the end of Sugnall Street..


Vastly improved or what?  Shocked Look really brilliant now.

Really amazing buildings and so nice to see them restored to their former glory.... Forum Index -> Photographs
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