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Fans Turn on Fergie

As Man United's season continues to slide, the fans turned on Fergie who was sitting in the director's box for bringing David Moyes to Old Trafford.  

As the fans left for home early, the Man City fans shouted, 'Is there a fire drill'    q27  q27

oh dear,  how sad !

q27  q27

Money has been raised 'On-line' for a plane to circle over Old trafford at the start of today's match against Aston Villa,declaring  ' 'David Moyes out' .
What a disgusting offensive action to take against their own Manager ,in the job less than a year, who was brave enough to take on the daunting task of following in Alex Ferguson's footsteps.
To me, this shows the Calibre of a certain section of the Man United fans.. Self, Self, Self, ..They appear to think it is their God given right for continued success and havent got the guts to accept it when things dont go their way.all the time.....The words ..."Babies"and" Spitting their Dummy out" , springs to my mind here.
Usually, I am  quite happy to see the Mancs being beaten but today I'll ease up on that one and hope they trounce Aston Villa, just to rub it in the face of those fickle,unsportsmen -like people at Old trafford masquerading as Football Fans.

...and they did too. excellent !

Latest on the David Moyes position...

I think not finishing in the Top Four may have been the writing on the wall for him..Not so much for the Footballing aspect,cos he deserves more time to get that right, but more for the Business side of things.. They have a new Sponsor for next Season and they may be getting jittery over their investment in the Club.

if he does go ,I wonder how much he will recieve,in order to go quietly ?

Didnt take long did It ?
Who will be prepared to take on that job now if thats what happens in less than 12 months if you dont produce the goods...Whoever it is will have to have some Balls, and I dont mean team Practice ones !

Fans turn on Fergie......

Dirty boy!!!!!!!


Moyes wont be signing on the Dole next week , and thats for sure... Forum Index -> Sports News and Views
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