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Florence Nightingale.....

Another interesting fact was that Liverpool hospitals were the first to have these wards..and I remember them well.....

A  Nightingale ward is a type of hospital ward, which contains one large room without subdivisions for patient occupancy. It may have side rooms for utilities and perhaps one or two side rooms, that can be used for patient occupancy when patient isolation or patient privacy is important. Nightingale wards contain about 24 to 34 beds usually arranged along the sides of the ward. Modern wards tend to separate patients into bays, each usually containing 4 to 6 beds. Nightingale wards tend to be noisier than bays, which paradoxically tends to increase the perception of privacy. Observation of the patients by the nursing staff tends to be easier in a Nightingale ward than in bays. In one study, 75% of patients preferred being nursed in a bay rather than in a Nightingale ward.[1]

Staff nurses in Liverpool also wore Nightingale hats....big net affairs that bounced on your head as you walked..... Laughing  Laughing

This of course was when nurses looked like nurses  Wink

Interesting stuff,Liz,and though not wanting to detract from the pioneering work she did,I always found it strange that the death rate actually rose,when she took over the running of the hospital in Scutari,during the Crimean war!
                   By chance,I came across the history of Mary Seacole,who also ministered to the sick,and dying,in the same war,but at her own expense!
           Most soldiers,when asked,expressed a preference to be taken to her quarters,because her "treatment" was held in such high esteem! Though she was honoured in her day,she now seems largely forgotten, which I think is sad!?

Thanks Mojo I had forgotten about her... Embarassed

Read up about her once and she was also a true heroine of the day

Thanks for the descriptions of wards in respect of comparisons to Nightingale wards Lizzie, i found that interesting as you have had first hand experience of the day to day activities within them.
Numerous times I have driven  along Upper Parliament Street and past the Florence Nightingale Memorial .It being in such an open and exposed position on a busy Street frontage I have been pleased at how good a condition it is still in, albeit with some minor damge .

Thanks for the link to Mary Secole MOJO...I had not heard of her .She appears to have been an extremey controversial woman with a temendous never say die get up and go attitude.

I have found a couple of local references to her for you....the first one being  
Mary Secole House on Upper Prliament Street.

and  not far away at the bottom of Lodge Lane facing Fern Grove there is a quite new Housing development honouuring her memory in the name of Secole Close

Thanks for that link BB ..most interesting..I have to admit I did not know about it.... Embarassed Forum Index -> Liverpool and Merseyside History & Nostalgia
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