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Formby Nudist Beach!

Does anyone remember this, and is it still there!!!   (wonder which end, he meant?)


Laughing  Laughing
Good Pic MOJO
..and its a Good job its a very long plaquard that fella is wearing   Wink

There goes my dinner....

What a carry on!  Laughing

I'm, not so sure the Nicky Nacky Nudists lying down have actually any towels underneath them......... That Sand can get into some really akward places   Shocked

Yes, I remember....

Laughing  Laughing

Quite often walk the dog on Formby beach as my sis lives there..aint seen nothing like that going on....

Will be up at Easter so I will keep my eyes peeled and report back...... Laughing  Wink

Nothing too graphic if it's tea time thanks Lizzie.....

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