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From a Storm to a Hurricane

Rory Storm and Hurricanes. A Liverpool band, it was active from 1959-1967. Rory Storm the front man, real name Alan Ernest Caldwell, sadly passed away at a very young age. His life has been put together in a book written by Anthony Hogan.

There are connections the Beatles, (surprise surprise,) his sister dated both George and Paul but, later went on to marry....ah well, why not read the book? One member of the Beatles was actually a Hurricane to begin with!

Rory lived on Broadgreen Road, Old Swan. I can't believe I've walked past his house many times and never knew till now.

Anyway....go buy the book....

R.I.P. Rory/Alan.


Thanks for that Barbie will deffo get the book

The book is now published for sale i believe

Written by "Spike", who you may know from local sites!

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