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Good Manners.

Is it just me or has the art of good manners, and gratitude a thing of the past?
I was brought up to say please and thank you.

Seems nobody gives a stuff these days. How sad.
It leaves me with an attitude, one of stuff you and I wont bother again. That in turn has a knock on affect does it not.

That is my rant for the weekend.

Thank you for listening.

Very Happy

oh shurrup !

Laughing  Laughing ....only jokin'  dont get the size 6s out pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez   Crying or Very sad

Oh don't even go was the last straw! Deffo never doing anything for anyone again.....
I posted a photo of a house in Granton Road shortly before it was demolished. I took the pic as, not only was I born in that road but this house was untouched by 70s pebble dashing, 80s stone cladding or 90s+ rendering. The ornate brickwork was as it was when the house was first built. Someone asked if they could have the full photo of it to print off and frame and would I email the full pic to them. This I did promptly. I was happy to and chuffed that they liked my pic so much. Did I get ta thank you? My arse I did!  Twisted Evil
and don't even bother to ask about why this thread went up in the first place!!!!!!!!!
People!!!! Who'd have them?

Yeah sadly good manners in some people are a thing of the past.....If I hold a door open for some one and they donít say thank you I always say in a very loud voice. 'youíre welcome' .....

Good for you Lizzie. I often say "Excuse me, what did you say?" When they reply, "Nothing" I say, "Oh, silly me, I thought I heard you say thanks!"  Wink Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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