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Good Morning Scouses and others.

[i]Good morning scouses!
Well it is good morning here in Perth, Western Australia but, at about 18°c its bloody freezing.
I never noticed how chilly it gets here when I was working, as I was usually sailing somewhere around, SE Asia.
Nowadays, as I am getting older, I remain snuggly tucked up in bed until about 9/9-30 am - always reluctant to face the day.

Don’t travel much anymore, those 50 cigarettes I used to smoke each day, persisting they did me no harm, have proved me wrong.
I gave up smoking when I retired about 15 years ago only to be diagnosed with emphysema about 10 years later.
If you smoke, for your own sake give it up … it is certainly not doing you any good.

Youth really is wasted on the young, but then again, we need to experience youth in order to build a future. We learn by the mistakes we make in those early years.

I spend my days reading Science, Physics to be precise, it is all so interesting.
As a baby I was baptised Roman Catholic.
As I mentioned in a previous post, because of my delinquency, I was committed to an Approved School and tutored by the, ‘Sisters of Charity.’
They may have been charitable but they had a sadistic side!

As a kid we lived in Holborne Street, Low hill.
The Holborne Street I knew was bombed into oblivion … the street name still exists but it is not the place I knew.

I’m distracting myself, I want to talk about my concept of religion prior to being committed to Saint Vincent’s Approved School.
The nuns did their best to drive the 47 kids, incarcerated at the reform school, towards sainthood.

The only thing I knew about religion was following the spectacular parades of the Orange Lodge on July 12th and then a similar procession by the 8th Irish on March 17th.
In was only in later years that I realise the hypocrisy and sectarianism, emanating from bigoted opinions, that blighted the humour and friendliness of the average scouse.
The city was even ghettoised with Protestants living in the Netherfield Road area and Catholics down Scotland Road.

One incident that really taught me a lesson occurred over a period of a couple of years.
The Lodge Parade, that was always centred around a figure on a white horse who represented King William, of the House of Orange – quite spectacular really.  
Anyway one such parade made its way from Netherfield Road down Scotland Road, and then it happened.
The crazy Paddies dragged King Billy off his horse and kicked 7 kinds of you know what out of him.

The Lodge held a meeting and decided to dress a girl as King Billy and put her on the white horse, in future parades … Gallantry would certainly prevent the paddies assaulting a lady?
‘Poor girl’… no such luck! The Paddies metred-out the tirade of kicks and punches that was a requisite of the intolerance and ignorance of sectarianism.

The world is now better educated than in those dim dark days; however, religion is still a blight on humanity. ….. In the beginning man created god and a whole lot of trouble for mankind.
I live by the golden rule, “Do onto others as you would have then do onto you.”
If we all lived by that creed there would be no need for religion and the world would be a better place.
I am an unbeliever but that’s who I am..... I respect all who have faith but remember the definition of faith is: Believing something for which there is no proof  

Did the sisters tutor you or torture you.... Shocked  Confused

18C and it's cold.....haha....yes, I know a lady in Queensland, moans how cold she is and it's like 18-20's our average summer!  Laughing  Laughing

Smoking...... Rolling Eyes  I've never been dumb enough.  Cool Well, ok, I i did have a few as a teen, bought 10 number 6 every other saturday in order to 'look older' to get into some of the clubs. Namely The Grafton... Embarassed  Embarassed We were schoolies but we didn't do anything bad, we just wanted to dance around our handbags and school disco just didn't cut the mustard for us.
(I wonder where that saying cut the mustard came from?)

Reading about science and physics is good, keeps the old grey matter working eh? I like weird and wonderful things such as the posts i did about the Italian mummy child Rosalina,  and  the poor children that were taken up the mountains and sacrificed to the gods etc. The Peruvians were ruthless! Quite sad and a bit morbid but i find it interesting.

I also love psychology.

Religion.......I keep off the subject!

These days, I'm rather a cynic, I've learned the hard way that people are not always as nice as they appear. I think my motto now goes on the lines of....Trust nobody and suspect everyone.....

Sisters of Charity.

The Nuns punished us, which in fact was torture.
In our free time we were allowed to amuse ourselves on a large playing field, bordered by the camp and the river Llugwy ... It was all under the supervision of a Nun or a Master.
One punishment dished out was knees-bend. It sounds banal but it was torture: Squat down, knees bent, hands on head and hold that position for a hour and a half and you are suffering. Try to stand or squat right-down and you were beaten with a birch-rod.
At least with the Masters it was a straight beating with what we called the Whale Bone, a strap with something flexible inside.

We were lucky, because of the War most men were away fighting, the Nuns were in charge - After the war, about 1957, the school moved back to Formby, Liverpool and the paedophiles took over. There was a big scandal and men were jailed. I read all about it online.

I once raised the ire of the female members of scouse for suggesting that men who abused boys were homosexual ... I still retain that opinion.

I have heard from other sources that the nuns in these places were, to say the least, cruel.  Confused  How very bad and sad for all those of you who passed through their hands. Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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