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Took these in Lord st.yesterday. A fundraiser for "discarded" greyhounds,who are usually killed,when they are no longer considered fit for racing! (apparently,about 12,000 a year!!!) They were all very approachable,and I was told they are quite lazy,and like lying around being fussed over,as you can see....on they're beds! Very Happy


My friend had a grehound it was an EX  racing greyhound,, it made a wonderful pet.. it was lovely ,, hope they get homes

Jan x

I know people who have taken in Greyhounds. Poor things. Used for profit and then tossed away. There should be a law that once a dog has finished its racing days a home has to be found for them.There is a campaign at the moment to shut down Belle View stadium.

They make lovely pets....
They are constantly left were they wont be found..
Die of hunger, and in pain.
Disgusting ...

The usual argument you get is,"they wouldn't be here,if it wasn't for the racing",to which my response is "fine,stop the racing then,and let nature determine how many there should be"!! They make it sound like they are doing the dogs a favour........not!!  Sad
                                                      With the dog in pic' 3, looking me in the eye,I wanted to take it home! Smile

I'm a huge animal lover and it pains me greatly. I refuse to bet on the Grand National because I'm against that particular race.
I have to keep away from animal shleters otherwise this house would have every homeless animal there is. My heart just breaks. Forum Index -> Photographs
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