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Happy bank holiday weekend......

one and all q3  q3

Heading up home tomorrow to see the fandamily.....and have some good walks along Crosby beach with woofles......

Hope the rain keeps away....

Evil or Very Mad

Have a great weekend Lizzie. Weather been great up here past few days, hope it keeps up for you.
Enjoy Crosby beach. It's where my daughter lives now.

Crosby...not the beach... Laughing  Laughing

Thanks Barbie it was was the weather which held out for us unlike down here as it rained all w/end haha....

Nightmare coming back yesterday though due to the rain it took us SIX HOURS..... Shocked

Volume of traffic and 40mph restrictions due to the the end we came off the motorway and took our chances with the A roads....if we had stayed on the MI I think we would still be on it now Laughing

Your daughter is so lucky living in Crosby is she near my beach Wink

6 hours!!! You could have been almost in New York by then.... Laughing  Laughing  Not by car I hasten to add...  Laughing

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