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Hello my lovely's.....

back from a very cold Malta...... Evil or Very Mad  Cant believe the week before we on our first day and then we had to go and buy some woolie jumpers as it got so cold..... Rolling Eyes

Still had a good time..a lovely island so steeped in WW2 history.......very British though.....we even found an M&S although their prices are double what we pay here

Predominantly Catholic there are some wonderful churches on the island.....

Hotel was good was all in all a nice little break totally different to what we normally do..we tend to go off the beaten track on holiday as we are thrill seeking adrenalin junkies.....

Did manage a day trip to Sicily though and got to see Mount Etna which was good

Will post some pics when I have downloaded them...... Cool

Hi Lizzie, nice to see you back on the forum!  Very Happy
Sorry about the weather but glad that you had a good time and that you stayed in a nice hotel with good food.  It does make all the difference.

Welcome home lizzie. Good you didn't let the weather get you down. Sounds a good place to go. Smile

Hiya Lizzie, lovely to see you back at the Mad House after your travels abroad..I hope you gained some lovely memories to be treasured....Can hardly wait to see your Pics......Will you be the one gone Topless   Wink
..Only teasing   Razz ..........musnt be careful not to upset you cos I havent had my bar of rock off Ya Yet   Laughing

Hi Liz', glad you enjoyed your visit to Malta! It's somewhere I've fancied going to myself, but it seems people either love, or hate the place? What are the prices like?

TOPLESS..... Shocked in that cold......... Laughing BTW your rock is in the post to you Wink

MOJO prices were not bad...... all in Euro now.......... found most of the restaurants a fair price....entry to most of the historical places about five/ten Euro per person.....

The buses cost about two pound per person for a day ticket and you can get on any bus going anywhere which I thought excellent value and we used the buses to get every where we wanted to go to......we were in a place called Mellieha which is in the North and from there we were  able to get a ferry to Gozo one of the other Maltese Islands......

As to loving it or hating it I can see the attraction to the place but maybe it was a bit too British for me.....only because I like to go away and live like a local.....over there it seems like the UK but least warmer in the hotter months....
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