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Hitler in Colour!

Did anyone watch this?
                    Unusual to see Adolph in colour,and some interesting comments on his rise to power,which was amazing,considering he was such a no-mark!
       Henry Ford donated $50,000 to the nazi party,and also,let them have the profits on every Ford vehicle sold in Germany!! So maybe, it wasn't so strange that the U.S. were so late,coming into WW.2. ?

Yeah well, it's been said our own Royals had leanings!

I didnt catch this MOJO, in fact I wasnt aware of it, What Day & channel was it on and do you know if its on a 'Watch Again' I-Player type of Service

It's on channel 4,Sundays,9PM.B.B. Smile

Ok MOJO Ta. I'll look in on that one Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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