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HMS Plymouth heading from Birkenhead to be scrapped

One of the last surviving warships from the Falklands War campaign has set sail to be scrapped in a foreign port.

The Royal Navy frigate HMS Plymouth was towed on the morning tide in the River Mersey despite a last ditch effort by campaigners to stop its departure.

The ship, on which the Argentinians surrendered following their invasion of South Georgia in the 1982 war, was decommissioned in 1988.

It is thought to be heading for a port in Turkey where she will be scrapped.

Campaigners had raised money to pursue legal action in a bid to prevent the ship leaving.

But Peel Ports, which owns Vittoria Dock in Birkenhead, where the ship was berthed for years, said it had "no practical choice but to dispose of her responsibly", but did not confirm the vessel's final destination.

A sad end, it seems, but you can't save every ship, I suppose! Sad Forum Index -> Liverpool News & Chat
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