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How............ the best way to find a newspaper article when a) you don't remember what paper it was, (but possibly the Echo
b) don't know the year (only round abouts) and
c) don't have much patience sitting reading over and over boring stuff?
MOJO someone else to find it for you! Laughing

Fancy earning a few bob?  Razz

Have you tried googling it? It's amazing what can come up, sometimes not connected, but usually interesting.

Yes, I've been googling, but mention lorries and scorpions and loads of American stories come up!  Razz
Mum used to have the cutting from the paper but lord knows what happened to it.

....any luck, so far?

Mojo, not had to time to look. I'm up to my eyes balls in stress with what is going on in my house. Or isnt going on depending on which way you look at it. All I wanted was a new bathroom....... q30
Never, ever again..... Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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