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I had forgotten Liverpool had this.....


....and just how did you forget the "ovie" ???   q8


Laughing In my defence it did close the year before I was born..... Wink

Lovely pics......

Fantastic photos and map!

Good Pics MOJO , any dates for them ?..the second one is so very clear and has much depth and detail.
The last one is interesting as The Liver buildings dont yet have their Birds, Tower buildings is still under construction and the Port Of Liverpool Building is just a Blurr and doesnt look like it has yet been built. All that should enable it to be dated

...go on then! Wink
                             Really though,I think the pic' is much later than you think,as the cars/lorry  indicate maybe 40's/50's! It's just not a very good pic'(or copy)and the light has obscured much of what is, actually there!

You are right there MOJO,I stand corrected,as you point out The vehicles date it much later than I was thinking of. Ta. Forum Index -> Liverpool and Merseyside History & Nostalgia
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