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I love....

....fancy cars, old classic cars, fast cars.....etc.....

These first two are owned by the same guy. He's got them in good condition. Morris 1300 and a Morris Minor. (If I'm not mistaken)

And parked up in Tesco car park, an old Rover....


WOW I also love old cars.....they had so much class.......

My fave is the E type jag.......learnt to drive in one of those.......not that we were dead rich or anything but an uncle had one and he taught me.... Laughing

E-type...very nice Lizzie!  Cool

Stuff Lamborghini, Ferrari,etc, the E-type must surely be the most beautiful car,ever!

I've even got one myself!


Is that your set of wheels Mojo Laughing

I agree with you on the E type being the most beautiful classiest car ever made......I have seen the last one that they made before it went out of production......must dig out the pic I have of it........sleek ,black paint work and oh so cool and in mint condition

It's the only Jag' I'll ever have! Sad

Yep, I'm a Jag fan...never found out if that song was true though.... Wink

Actually, my bro bought a Jag last summer. Not an E-Type  but boy does it purr like a kitten and move....yep, leaves them standing! I feel dead posh when i go out in it.  Cool Forum Index -> Hobbies/Pastimes/Days Out/Holidays
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