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I shouldn't post this but I feel I have to!

Prior to leaving the UK I lived in Grant Road, Dovecot

The Grant road I knew started at Pagemoss Lane and went down past Grant Close and Grovehurst Avenue where it started to curve, slightly, to the left before stopping abruptly at a Tennis Court.

It continued on after the Tennis Court to Piltch Lane exiting opposite the Boundary Hotel.
Sometime if going to the pub we would climb over the barb-wire topped fence shielding the Tennis Club and continue walking along what we knew as Old Grant Road - it was a good short cut!

In the late 40’s, after the end of The Second World War a Labour Club was opened at the end of Old Grant Road, near the Tennis Club.

If it was a politically named Labour Club or just a place for the convenience of the working families in the vicinity I don’t know.
I wasn’t politically minded at the time; however, I enjoyed going to the Mayfair Club for a carry-on after the Boundary closed at 10PM.

The labour club served beer & spirits and they had entertainment, some really good acts and some not so good.
Some of regulars, women, made cheese and onion sandwiches for refreshments and you could also buy Smiths Crisps.

At the time Smiths were the only Crisps available (We call them chips here in OZ) and they were just plain – Fancy Salt & Vinegar or Barbeque crisps were not yet available.
Smiths was the only Crisps you could buy but they were different from todays because they were not salted.
Instead each packet contained a blue squared piece of wax paper in which a measure of salt was contained.
That became part of the pleasure of buying a packet of crisps… The first thing you would do would be to rip-open the bag, search for the salt and then sprinkle it over the crisps.

I enjoyed that, sitting there with a pint of Brown-Mixed, chomping on the crisps as I listened to or watched some very good amateurs performing for our enjoyment.

Sadly Britain is being changed by an ideology akin Nazism.
Britain, don’t let it happen!
Fear is the weapon being used, fear of being called racist.
Muslim is not a race and Muslim’s are not bad people, it is a religion, you choose for yourself and you can change it or leave at will? (Apostasy not withstanding). Race is what you are born into and you cannot change.

If it seems strange that I should mention the above it is because I just received a phone call from a friend and he brought up the subject.
Most of my countrymen and women (Australian’s) are hoping Brexit will succeed.

Will England become the old England we once knew and loved?
I hope so.
Australia and New Zealand are both concerned about what will become of the old homeland if Islamism or Angela Merkel is allowed to flourish…..
Most Muslims are no different to most Christians, Sikh's, Hindus, Jews or Janes who know nothing about the Ideology and Dogmas being preached in their name; they just want a happy life.

In the beginning man created God and a whole lot of trouble for human-kind


It's Not Worth Writing About.

Islam is failing: Sunnis and Shiites are killing, each other ISIS is killing everyone.
British Muslim extremist Anjem Choudary and his cohorts are finally facing the courts and the laws of Great Britain.
Laws he calls manmade as opposed to Sharia law which Muslims consider allah’s law.

I believe all religion is manmade.
I am a nonbeliever but I do not try to convert others to be nonbelievers.
It is of no concern to me what religion a person adheres to as long as the laws and norms of the society in which they choose to live are followed.

Assimilation and cohesion is the tie that binds any society; however, rather than multicultural society, which sounds divisive to me. Australia/Britain would be better served by considering themselves as multiracial societies and stipulate the requirement to integrate in the citizenship oath of allegiance.

Let me qualify one fact before I continue’ Muslim is not a race, it is a religion, you choose for yourself and you can change it or leave at will? (Apostasy not withstanding)
Race is something you are born into and you can-not change it; therefore, the vilification of a religion is not racist!
Going by the Koran, Muhamad only spoke Arabic?

Islam is the politicisation of the Muslim religion and is a Fascist ideology; however, Muslims’ tell us theirs is a religion of peace but nothing can be further from the truth.
The very core of Islamic ideology and followers of the Koran is kill the unbeliever, the infidel.
A recent poll says a large percentage of British Muslims declare their loyalty to Britain and are proud of their Britishness, however, the article didn’t say who took the poll?

I believe the majority of Muslims have Jihadist leanings and in Australia/Britain and Europe they are a threat to our culture and stability.
I believe if a person, whatever nationality, is found to have Jihadist sentiment, they should be stripped of citizenship and exiled to a Muslim country, no if’s or but’s; they have to go.

I grew up in a Britain where kids read the Beano, Dandy, listened to Just William and Dick Barton on the wireless or laughed at the antics of Billy Bunter.
Using Public Transport was the rule rather than the exception and a quiet pint in the pub with your girlfriend or mates was fun.
If on occasion you got into a scrap you didn’t kick someone when they went down, gallantry and fairness was still practiced.

Doors were always opened for the elderly and females.
The man always walked on the outside, if walking along a road, with a female and you always stood for a lady on a bus or tram if all other seats were taken.
Importantly, women breast feeding their baby in public were not chided or ordered out of a public building. It never happened, that was normal; it was in Liverpool anyway!

In 2017 I will have been in Australia for 60 years and a citizen for 50 of those years; jumping ship in this wonderful country was the best move I ever made.

Here I only present my opinion and have no intention to offend anyone with the exception of Islamists; what they sow so shall they reap.
If someone takes umbrage at what I’ve written I apologise, it wasn’t meant to hurt, it is just the way I see the subject of Islam and immigration to Australia/Britain.

I see Islam as I saw Hitler’s 3 Reich and Nazism, a totalitarian ideology whose main aim is a worldwide domination and an Islamic Caliphate.

Ban Political Islam from entering Australia/Britain and include a ban on the burqa and niqab for those already here.
Wearing of such dress runs contrary to our Judean/Christian values and traditions.
Former Commonwealth citizens should be favoured, their religion may be different but their values are the same.

Islamists came to our countries begging sanctuary, inside a Trojan Horse called REFUGEE!
Now many of them plan to turn our land into the hovels they came from.
If they want Mosques they should move to the Persian Gulf States -That would be the sensible thing to do.

Remember being afraid to speak-out, about Islamism makes them, the aliens, the victors and those who try to stop you speaking out, under the guise of Political Correctness, are the enemy.

In Australia the Government listens to the people. We stopped the boats and the illegals .... To get into this country you must pass a 'Points System" that include the ability to  speak and understand English.

From my ancestry I am first generation British and first generation Australian.
I came of age in Liverpool and of that I am extremely proud!

This is my last post on this topic, it’s not worth thinking about! Forum Index -> Sports News and Views
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