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Icelands glaciers.....

OK so I know I seem to do nothing but go away but last week we were lucky enough to return to Iceland to hike the glaciers so thought you would like to see some pics.....


The volcanic beach


And for any Games of Thrones lovers you may recognise this church and house......

well maybe not through the snow..... Laughing yes we did a Game of Thrones tour and went to where a lot of it was filmed....

If you go away often, so what? You work hard for it Lizzie, so why not? Looks like a fooboo time you had, thanks for sharing your photos. Amazing glaciers.  Cool

Great photos Lizzie.
MOJO they sell mints, there?  Smile

                             Great pic's, Liz', but don't like black sand! Shocked

Laughing you had me wondering there  Mojo til I remenbered Fox,s glacier mints....... Laughing


YAY Laughing Forum Index -> Photographs
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