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Inside the Anglican Cathedral.....

I know you have all seen it but I love this alter..we took the pic after the Christmas Eve Carol Service last year


Nice Pic of The High Alter Lizzie, What a truly magnificent building it is, the Scale of it is Breathtaking..I believe The term 'High' in High Alter originated from  past times when some large Churches had one or two smaller side Chapels each Chapel also containing its own smaller Alter, Thus the  Larger Alter in the Main Body of the Church came to be known as the High Alter, with the name subsequently being adopted universally for All Churches

Beautiful Lizzie. I often go and sit in there. My kids graduated in there last year, it was magical.

That must have been awesome Barbie it truly is am amazing place ...back in the day I often used to just go and sit there..especially before calmed my nerves

BB I remember that from my convent days.....

One thing that did make me laugh life was seeing a women at the service with a head full of rollers..not even small ones but those huge big things
Laughing  Laughing

I saw hubby staring at something and asked him what he was looking at......he nodded over and said am I seeing things or has that women got rollers in her hair......

A couple of days later we saw a woman walking down the road in her jimmy jams, dressing gown and again huge rollers in her hair......I decided it must be  a Liverpool thing....

Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

Errrm....not for me it aint. Pj's are for longing round the house and bedtime. Unless you aren't alone then it may be best to wear something a bit more....errrm....attractive... Laughing Forum Index -> Photographs
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