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It's Going...

It has been left to rot and it does look a complete eyesore now days. Back in the 70s, me and my mates used to go, not into the coconut Grove, but to the little club next door, Annabelle's. We were still at school and we thought we were ever so grown up with 12 inch thick make up, 6 inch heels and a ciggy. I'm so glad I never took to smoking, all I got was 10 number 6 every time we went to a club. All we wanted to do wa dance and the school discos were crap! Half a lager and lime was 19p in the pub and 21p in the club! Daylight robbery!  Laughing
We had faboo times and watched as the fashion changed from those platform shoes and flares into drainy's (known as skinny jeans today) and the shoes were either pasties or pointy court shoe.
If we didn't go there then we went to The Grafton....(dear god...)

Anyway, roll into the 80s and me and my ex hubby used to go to Lord Snooty's round the corner (part of the same building) which is now also an eyesore.

Could it have been saved and restored? Who knows. I went mad when the Curzon was being torn down but, now as the new Home Bargains building is near complete i have to say that old Swan is looking somewhat a lot tidier.

Cant open the link but your recollections made me smile...sounds like me doing all that.....but  a bit older at the time Laughing  Wink  I would have been 18 or so went I started going to those glorious places

Flares rocked and then punk took over for me so the 'skinny jeans' of the day came complete with huge Mohair jumpers and Doc Marten boots......a pair of which I still wear to this day........

Ah, the Echo appears to have taken the page off. Dang!

Will find other photos of it as it is now.

Be right back.... Laughing  Laughing

Try this link Lizzie

Thanks Barbie..excellent link..just how I remember it..... Laughing

Or maybe thats how it looked through the eyes of too many Cherry B and ciders.....any one remember that drink...... Embarassed  Laughing

I remember it but never drank it. I also remember  Pony, the little drink with the big kick!  Razz

I'm not familiar with it but hey ho, there goes another one... Forum Index -> Liverpool and Merseyside History & Nostalgia
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