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Iteresting tv program tonight

Looks like a good tv program on tonight BBC1 eight tonight Paul O Gradys
Working class Britain.
1/2. The comedian presents the first of two programmes in which he explores the history of the British working class. For Paul, these were the people who made Britain great, from the dark days of the Industrial Revolution to the hairnets and rubber gloves of the factory line. But what happened when these jobs were no more? Travelling from his childhood town of Birkenhead to Clyde in Glasgow, he discovers the factories and mines that were at the heart of industry and the effects of their disappearance. He also speaks to people who are keeping the culture and values of the class alive and tries his hand at some typical jobs to see whether the sense of pride has survived.

I'll be watching that ta!  Cool

Drat I missed it...will have to catch it on catch up..... Rolling Eyes

Lizzie wrote:
Drat I missed it...will have to catch it on catch up..... Rolling Eyes

Its on Tonight Lizz unless you are working Very Happy

Duh...only just noticed the date of your post..........but I am leaving for work in about 15 mins...... Evil or Very Mad

Never saw all of it,but he seemed to be having a hard time convincing the younger people,at least,that they might be working class! They actually saw themselves as classless!
                    Well meaning though I think he is,his ideal of working class principles sounded like something from another age,and I've been around long enough to remember things like almost continuous strikes,in the 70's,closed shops,discrimination,and intimidation,by unions,to realise that it wasn't all he made it out to be! An interesting programme,all the same! Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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