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Kensington Park

Has anyone any recollections of this story from Kensington Park.

No sorry, notheard of it before.
Anybody know any more n Spring Heeled Jack?
Was 'seen' in Everton  Shocked


By the end of the 19th century the reported sightings of Spring-heeled Jack were moving towards the north west of England. Around 1888, in Everton, north Liverpool, he allegedly appeared on the rooftop of Saint Francis Xavier's Church in Salisbury Street. In 1904 there were reports of appearances in nearby William Henry Street.

...any pic's? Smile
Tony Riviera

Not heard of that before Brainbox, and I used to live around there

No BB ,, that was interesting never heard of it,,, good though ,, I will see if I can find out abit more,,,

Yes Barbie I've heard of spring heeled Jack,,,

Jan xx Very Happy Forum Index -> Photographs
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