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Knotty Ash

Knotty Ash Primary School 1974[/u


Knotty Ash Primary School 1974

Knotty Ash Station 1966

Knotty Ash- Thomas Lane--No Date
-I wonder if these houses still exist ?

This one is labeled as.... Chatterton Road Knotty Ash camp on 28.07.26
...not sure if it still exists

Knotty Ash-Turks Head Pub

Knotty Ash- Little Bongs - 2008


I think All of the B &W Photos are LRO courtesy of Ged Fagan

Nice thread Beeb, I love Knotty!  Cool
Little Bongs, I know who was renting one up to last year. It was a bit of a hiding place for scallys of a night.  Confused
The houses which you ask about, are these the same ones?
These are on the opposite side of the road to the new Knotty school, a bit further up.


I dont know that area all that well barbie, those houses look like they are the same design, I dont think they are the same ones in the old pic ,but must be close by them, thanks for the Google Image,

Great pics B.B. and Barbie.

I'll check it out Beeb ,perhaps tomorrow  Wink

Ken Dodd's house in Knotty Ash which is rather nice.

Cheers Alice!

ok barbie that would be good if you can Ta.

and Alice,thats a good link to doddys House as it gives some interesting insight into his earlier life too

I love looking at other people's photo websites like Flicker.

Beeb, do you reckon these houses we saw today are the same as the ones in your B+W pic?


Barbie, I think I was wrong in my comment earlier from January, I do think you  were correct and they look the same.The old shot is  looking across and down Thomas Lane towards East Prescot Road.,, well spotted !

Great photo's i don't know the area at all,, so thanks ,,really interesting and some great buildings ,,looks a posh area,,,Jan x

This is the only pic I have of knotty ,,, it says Huts at knotty Ash 1920 Forum Index -> Photographs
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