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Light Night Walk

Yesterday evening I decided after hearing the rubbish weather forecast for today that I would  have a quick sandwich then stroll into town to take in a couple of hours of the Annual Light Night Event, before heading back home for my tea.
My first stop just had to be the new Central Libraries as it was the first day of opening following its two and a half year. £50 million rebuid.  
I cannot adequately describe  here the Wow factor on entering it..You must look yourself very soon.. It was fantastic, the main Spiral staircase routing through all four floors of the building right the way up to the Amazing open Roof terrace is out of this world and no photograph can do it justice, you have to be standing there looking up or down it to appreciate its effect..Superb !!!!
The rest of the library is also jaw dropping , not just the modern layout its information and books available but the Older original restored parts make you stand there and be enthralled by its magnificence. The Oak Room. The Picton and The Hornby Libraries are Eye boggling in their beauty . They presently have on display all kinds of articles relating to our past heritage and you can stand looking at a glass case where 18 inches in front of your very eyes is the original Charter given by Kinng John to the Town in 1207. this is widely recognised as the charter that began our transition from a small non-descricpt village into the The Second city of the British Empire in Victorian times,,,, I was so enticed by the place that when i looked at my watch it was 9:45pm and the place was still buzzing..
Sadly i had to make my way home and wasnt able to see any of the other events on offer that night, but will return to the event next year.. On the way out i caught a minute or two of the lazer light show on the exterior of the building and it too was absolutelty superb..Congratulations on all who were involved in orgnising last nights events you did Great.
I will put some pics up later.

Great stuff Beeb. I will go see it today I think.  Very Happy

Beeb......I went......I saw.....I was like...... Shocked
Oh my, how fabulous. Awesome!

Can't wait for you to put your pics up, I took loads but wont post them till you have done yours, as the thread is yours.  Very Happy

To everyone else, you have to go see it. Amazing.   Cool

Great innit Barbie.. its a must see.
Here are a few pics but by all means do put yours up too,

The Main Entrance Foyer and that fabulous Stairway to heaven

Linda Mcdermott & Guests - Radio Merseyside  broadcasting live from the Childrens Picton Library

The Oak Room

Hornby Library

Main Picton Library

..These are only a sample. I was in there hours and still need to go back to see more.... Definitely a must see building, and thats not even mentioning the contents of the Library.. Superb !

Thanks for  the pics Beeb. Boss in there innit?  Cool
Here are a few of mine.

On entery....

Top floor, leading to the roof

The Roof

Views from the roof


More roof views


Note that I don't go near the edge....phobia of heights, well ledges anyway... Confused

Picton Library, still looking old style thank goodness


Thanks Mr Picton.

Nice to see the old revolving doors are still there, not in use now, but at least they kept them.


Thanks for those Photos Barbie, they were great.

This fella was having fun telling everyone to make more of books.

.. and here he is with his two mates.


Thanks Beeb for sharing those.

Just a few more for good measure.


Notice how I've not gone right to the edge and peered over for a better shot! I do not like ledges up high..... Sad


That Curved insett in the facade over the Main Entrance looks to be crying out for a Statue or Plaque of some sort

Liverbirds all over the Building.. here is one over the New Lifts...

Here is one of The Picton Room prior to Full restoration..


Lovely!  Cool

Main Picton Library Restored


It looks a great place!

It is Alice, you must go and see for yourself.

I agree, get yourself down there with your camera Alice, but make sure you have the wrist band on it if taking shots  leaning over that Balconied Staircase.... its a terribly long way down .. your camera would be in a million pieces...Shocked

I think it will be a while before I get down there seeing that I don't visit Liverpool that often.

mark a date in your diary Alice. We promise we wont mug you if you visit!  Laughing  Wink

Very nice indeed, must get myself down there for a good nose!

Original design plans from about 4 years ago.... I think they stuck to them pretty accurately too.


Nice Beeb! Cheers for that! They were pretty much accurate.

I think that Staircase will very soon become  one of the most photographed Parts of Liverpool.
I think the Square extension block on the back of the building is Probably the Secure Archived section of the Complex. I've been on a guided tour of the  inside of the one in the Lancashire Records office in Preston and its like Fort Knox.

hmmmmm BB late night walks ay!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,Brilliant pics love the staircase so modern but seems to fit in ,,Thanks for getting the pics for us ,, I always miss things down here ,, sorry xx  Jan xx Very Happy

Really like those pics B.B.  Very Happy Forum Index -> Hobbies/Pastimes/Days Out/Holidays
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