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Liverpool Council are a load of tossers!

Evil or Very Mad  Evil or Very Mad  Twisted Evil

I out my blue bin out on thursday night and the bin men turned up friday while I was at work. On my return I went down the alley to bring it back and it had disappeared. Even though I have huge numbers stuck to it with my house number, it went. Emailed the council and they just got back to me, saying a new bin will come ..........and they are charging me £20 for it............I just emailed them back, it wasn't pleasant!!!!!

Right, one email on it's way to someone who I think can help.
If no joy, media is the next step....

Prized A holes!

...but it's not the council,it's the plonker who couldn't be arrised putting your bin back,where it came from! Phone that dep't,it will be narrowed down to5/6 people,on that round! Don't, pay for the bin!!

I do blame the stupid hole who took it too Mojo. But the council, should come and deal with the problems here and they don't.  No, just charge the person who's bin was taken and it is so much easier than getting off their arses.

Barbie,The people who Nicked it on you may be looking in here so maybe you will get it back

......Full with their Crap !!

Ha!  Wink
MOJO mean they can read,B.B.??? Shocked

Twenty quid..thats outrageous.............. Shocked

We often have to play hunt the bin in my road.....they just leave them wherever..not lost one yet though Rolling Eyes

They can go kiss my chuddies Lizzie! I aint paying! Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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